RANKO Perfect Audio Component Interconnect
What makes OCC so different
In conventional copper wire production,molten copper is fed through a water-cooled mold,causing random small-crystal formulation in the wire as it solidifies while still inside the mold(Figure 2).
In contrast,the unique OCC (Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting)process uses a heated mold so that solidification takes place uniformly outside the mold.(Figure 1)
This hot-casting method causes formation of extremely long crystal structures,eliminating millions of boundaries with in conventional wire.
The result is musicality and fantastic excellence
When applied to audio cable technology,such improvements of the microscopic level provide substantial improvement in musical performance.The longitudinal crystalline structure with virtually no boundary junctions or impurities allows audio signals to flow without loss or coloration.
RANKO's exclusive OCC interconnect cables offer the most efficient,sound-neutral way to link your audio components.Free of the limitations of conventional cabling,each of the components in your system can perform to its full potential.

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