About Us

     RANKO ACOUSTIC is founded by a team of audiophiles from the USA, Japan, China and Taiwan that has devoted itself to developing top quality audio products and accessories with affordable prices. While many audio mania are willing to pay high price electronics and speakers for sonic excellence we believe a fine “tweak” can make a mid-price system sound as good or may even better than those equipment with high-price tag. Invented by Dr. Atsumi Ohno, a professor emeritus at Chiba Institute of Technology, the OCC (Ohno Continue Casting) process produces high quality metal materials that do not have internal cavities, impurities, or other types of segregations and form unidirectional solidified ingots with smooth surfaces. Research has proven that resistivity of copper wire is exponentially direct proportion to the number of grain boundaries. The boundary is dividing line between crystals in metal material. The higher number of boundaries in it the higher the resistance it will get. While OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) can only achieve 4N (99.997%) purity, after years of study and experiment, RANKO ACCOUSTIC’s long and thin single crystal copper wire can reach 7N (99.99998%) purity from its own copper stock using its own exclusive technology. As results our wires and cables are more sonic accurate, have smoother texture, more open soundstage, and faster and deeper bass than many cables today on the market.

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